What is Senior Yoga?

Senior yoga is well, yoga for seniors and tens of thousands of seniors take up yoga in the United States each year.

That’s because there are huge benefits to doing yoga as well as a range of different types of yoga to try. 

Why Do Yoga As A Senior?

What is Senior Yoga

Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise which, as long as it is practiced correctly, is also very safe. 

Proven benefits of yoga include: improvement in balance, improvement in flexibility, better control over your breathing, stronger bones (yes, it can help ward off osteoporosis), lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress as well as better sleep!

If that doesn’t convince you to give it a try, then nothing can. 

The 8 Ideal Types Of Yoga For Seniors

Ideal Types Of Yoga

Not all forms of yoga are suitable for seniors but these 8 types are ideal for many people looking to reap the benefits of yoga. 

  • Ashtanga – not the easiest form of yoga as it’s very fast paced. However, if you’ve got some practice with other forms of yoga, it’s great for weight loss and aerobic exercise.
  • Bikram – this is also known as “hot” yoga and that’s no joke. Sessions of Bikram yoga run for 90 minutes at 100 degree heat with a minimum of 40 percent humidity. You have never sweat until you’ve done Bikram yoga. It’s great for getting rid of toxins and building muscle strength. It’s also a no-no if you have blood pressure or heart problems.
  • Hatha – this is kind of “generic non-brand yoga” and the emphasis is on the physical form rather than much more. It’s the ideal form of yoga for seniors who’ve never done yoga before as it’s slow and steady and all about breathing right and stretching gently. You won’t hurt yourself in a Hatha class.
  • Iyengar – if you think that you’re going to struggle with yoga due to mobility problems, you need Iyengar yoga. It stresses the importance of perfect forms and because of this, it allows all the props you need to get into a pose. If you’re an arthritis sufferer, this might work for you too.
  • Kundalini – this form of yoga is particularly focused on spiritual wellbeing. If you’re looking to calm down, relax and ponder on the meaning of life, the universe and everything, it’s a great choice. You’ll learn to breathe properly and to chant as well as do the physical side of yoga.
  • Restorative – if all you want to do is chill and take it easy, this is your yoga class. You can use props to find poses and better still, you take your time about it. This form of yoga is so relaxing that people often fall asleep in class and unlike at school, that’s just fine. 
  • Vinyasa – this is, usually, a fast-paced version of yoga that is about maintaining breathwork as you put your body through its paces. It’s the ideal challenge for a very physically fit senior but definitely not a beginner’s choice.
  • Yin  – this is similar to restorative yoga but the emphasis is not on active stretching but rather working out your deep connective tissues. If you find you’re feeling stiff and need more flexibility, Yin is the way forward.

Final Thoughts On Senior Yoga

Yoga is a gentle and safe form of exercise that everyone should try at least once. And the forms of yoga above are ideal for seniors to get started with. 

Why not book a yoga class today? 

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