Staying Hip After 55 Is The Ultimate Guide To Avoid The Mid-Life Crisis

Staying Hip After 55: The Ultimate Guide To Avoid The Mid-Life Crisis

55 is the borderline between middle age and senior life. It’s no surprise that many people have their midlife crisis at this stage in life.

Instead of ending up at the bottom of a U-shaped curve wallowing in a midlife crisis, you could do one or more of the awesome items below instead and boost your happiness curve and make your own life completely normal and enjoy well-being and serenity.

Do Exercise And Be Active: Avoid A Mental Health Crisis

That doesn’t mean taking up Kung Fu but it does mean that midlife crises often stem from mental health problems that arise from becoming less active.

Do Exercise And Be Active: Avoid A Mental Health Crisis

You can keep a midlife crisis at bay simply by doing something in your adult life that your younger self would have loved: take up one of the best retirement sports or senior yoga and get moving again.

You’ll soon find you derive increasingly greater satisfaction from every part of your life. Middle-aged doesn’t need to mean old age and staying active, fit, and healthy plays a huge part in this.

Give Yourself A Makeover: Middle Age Doesn’t Have To Be “Fussy”

People perceive older adults in the way that they wish to be perceived. New ideas for your wardrobe can ensure that younger people (particularly in family life) find it easier to create typically meaningful relationships with their older peers.

If you want to put your midlife crisis on hold, start wearing the clothes you always wanted to wear but never felt sophisticated enough to do so – you’re ready now, trust us.

We have some great new hairstyles for seniors with thin hair if you’re looking for a little inspiration.

Flirt: Boost Your Life Satisfaction

Flirt: Boost Your Life Satisfaction

Don’t want to feel like aging parents? Then get out and flirt with other people.

Happiness begins when we do things we enjoy. A life full of creative solutions to our problems is just more fun. There’s no average age where you have to stop enjoying yourself don’t become increasingly constrained by your own expectations of how people age. Get out and flirt, laugh and love.

Take Up A Second Job (Or Hobby)

If you want more money as well as emotional regulation, you can always take up new work (or, indeed, a hobby and then monetize that hobby).

This helps to bring enhanced curiosity into your life and more people focus. If we don’t stop with our own human development, we quickly find that we have less regret for our life.

We’ve got some great low-stress jobs after retirement for you to consider as well as the best hobbies for seniors to make money from!

Lose Yourself To Find Yourself

We mean literally “lose yourself” get out the map, or take our list of the safest places to retire in America and get out of your home and go and visit them.

Lose Yourself To Find Yourself

Don’t go with a massive plan, maybe take a good friend and enjoy the emotional experience of being adrift at a certain point in life, this can bring insight into how we really feel and help prevent us from reaching our “lowest point”.

Start Thinking “Young”

Many of us stop feeling young when we start raising children of our own but the reality is that we’re never too old to have fun.

Not everyone loses their sense of play but if you feel that you have, take it back, it’s not gone, it’s just rusty.

Start dancing to the radio in the morning, have cereal for dinner and let tradition be damned, that sort of thing. Have a party and invite all your friends.

Be the you that you always have been and let go of some of the ridiculous expectations of “maturity” that you placed on your own shoulders.

Be You, All The Time

This can be a challenge but the real roots of you are something that you should invest most of your time in.

Be You, All The Time

It’s time to embrace your passions and conquer your fears because while a good career is important, a good life is far more so.

If you love rock music, bust out the turntable, grow your hair, get some leathers, and hit the concert halls. If you want to drink and play pool all night long – go do it.

Whatever it is, be true to yourself and you’ll find that happiness is yours to claim. Depression isn’t possible when you make midlife about you.

The Time For Fun Is Now!

No word of a lie. We know, you have a diary and a schedule and possibly a secretary who organizes these things for you. No wonder you have no time for your own feelings.

It’s time to stop trying to make plans for the whole of your life and to embrace the spontaneous.

Come home early from work, take your spouse out for a meal, just because, not for a special occasion but because you value their happiness as much as your own.

Pay your children a surprise visit and do something nice for them.

Hit the golf course instead of the gym.

Walk naked in the rain.

Let go of the routine and go and do something right this minute that just doesn’t feel bad.

Don’t Reject Your Age, Revel In It

Finally, the biggest source of misery that we can think of is when you talk about yourself in a negative fashion – how can people invest in you, if you have a constant drizzle of negative emotions about your age and the years ahead.

Don't Reject Your Age, Revel In It

It’s time to enjoy our lives not act like they are over and the best thing you can do is embrace being your age and revel in it.

So what if you’ve got a beer belly or a few fewer hairs on your head? You’ve got experience, interesting stories, and achievements instead.

You’re not old, you’re interesting. Believe it.

Final Thoughts On The Midlife Crisis

Midlife doesn’t need to result in crises. It just needs you to take charge of your midlife and make it into something fun and enjoyable.

It’s not society or the world that matters, it’s your future and your present and we’d strongly encourage you to embrace the list above and do things that matter – when you do? You will feel better. Trust us on this.

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