Riddles for Seniors, Curated By Hobbyists

One great way for a senior to pass some time, even if only for a few moments is to tackle a riddle or two.

Our list of riddles for seniors provides some of our favorite riddles plus some great sources for you to look up hundreds of more riddles for free online!

Riddle me this!

Why Riddles For Seniors?

Riddles and puzzle solving have proven benefits including:

  • Developing mental fitness and keeping you mentally active – this can reduce stress and levels of mental fatigue too
  • The more puzzles you solve, the easier it is to tackle problems in any area of life
  • Solving puzzles has a similar effect on the brain as meditation does
  • Solving puzzles raises your IQ, so you become better at everything that requires your mind
  • Solving puzzles makes you more productive in day-to-day life, very useful if you’re in a well-paid retirement job
  • Solving puzzles helps you concentrate more easily, a gift we could all do with in today’s age of short attention spans

Our Favorite Sources Of Riddles And The Best Riddles

Riddles And Answers

Riddles And Answers

As the name suggests, this site is all about riddles and it has a ton of them (with answers) to share with you.

Check Riddles And Answers out here.

Our Favorite Riddle From Riddles And Answers

Why did the boy canary make the girl canary pay for her own meal on their date?

[Spoiler Alert – Answer Below]

Because he was cheep.

Good Riddles Now

Good Riddles Now

This site is packed with riddles that are aimed at all standards of riddle solver and range from very easy (which are hard enough for us, most of the time) to very hard, indeed. 

Check out the random riddle facility. 

Check Good Riddles Now out here.

Our Favorite Riddle From Good Riddles Now

What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

[Spoiler Alert – Answer Below]

Lunch and dinner. 

Study Education

Study Education

This is more of an educational resource and it doesn’t host any riddles of its own, instead, it has a huge directory of websites that feature riddles on them. 

You can find thousands of riddles on many different themes here. 

Check Study Education out here.

Our Favorite Riddle From Study Education

What tastes better than it smells?

[Spoiler Alert – Answer Below]

Your tongue.

Ice Breaker Ideas

Ice Breaker Ideas

Ice breakers are used at training and college events to help people introduce themselves and this site is packed with riddles for those exercises.

They’re really good though and you can use them yourself at home too. 

Check Ice Breaker Ideas out here.

Our Favorite Riddle From Ice Breaker Ideas

I move very slowly at an indistinguishable rate.

Although I take my time, I am never late.

I accompany life, but survive when your dead.

I am viewed with esteem as I sit on your head.

What am I?

[Spoiler Alert – Answer Below]

Your hair.


 Zack Guido’s Of Course!

You could, of course, also buy a book of riddles from Amazon, if you want an offline resource. We like Zack Guido’s Of Course! The Greatest Collection of Riddles and Brain Teasers For Expanding Your Mind.

Check Zack Guido’s out here.

Final Thoughts On Riddles For Seniors

Well we hope our list of riddles for seniors gave you a bit of a challenge and that you’re going to be seeking out more riddles in the future.

Riddles are fun, good for you and completely free! What could be better than that? 

Looking for other ways to pass the time? We’ve got some super games for seniors to play alone, hobbies that you can make money at and a list of interesting and fun activities for seniors too.

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