24 Retirement Jobs That Pay Well, According To Consultants

Sometimes, we hit retirement and we need more money than our pension covers, and sometimes, we hit retirement and find that we spend most of our days bored.

Fortunately, there are plenty of retirement jobs that pay well and which can cure a hole in your finances and your boredom at the same time. 

Check them out!

Retail Salesperson

Retirement Jobs That Pay Well 
Retail Salesperson

This doesn’t mean “cashier at Walmart”, it’s pretty well-documented that that kind of retail job pays badly and isn’t much fun.

What it means is: find a retail job that offers a decent level of commission for making sales to the public. Commissions can run many times the minimum wage over time. That’s well-paid.


This isn’t so much a job as a self-employed position but anything you can buy for under market value can be sold for a profit.

It doesn’t matter if this is camera equipment, antiques, real estate, etc. it just matters that you buy low and sell high. 



Today’s education system isn’t exactly great for instilling practical skills in people and that means people will pay for those skills.

Your average computer programmer will be only too happy to outsource repairs to their suits if you let them know what you can do. 


Sites like Etsy, Shopify and even eBay make it very easy for you to make things (of any kind) and then sell them to an audience.

This means you don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing and can let the quality of your work do the talking, instead, for a healthy profit. 

Customer Services (CSR)

Customer Services (CSR)

Not all customer service representatives are created equally and some CSR jobs aren’t brilliantly paid but many are.

US businesses are now onshoring their most important customer care work because it improves client satisfaction. Get one of those jobs for a premium pay point. 


You’ll need to be a qualified accountant (we’ve got some great online courses for seniors here but sadly, accountancy is quite a bit more involved than these courses) but there’s no doubt there’s always demand for these skills.

Businesses don’t care where their accountants work from as long as they give good advice, it’s a great job to do from home. 



Bookkeeping pays a bit less than accountancy but it’s much easier to get your bookkeeping qualifications too. You certainly won’t starve on a bookkeeper’s wage. 

Social Media

Many companies are now willing to pay for somebody to manage their social media and the best will pay you for the sales that you generate via those platforms too. Kerching!

Freelancing (Writing, Editing and Design)

Freelancing (Writing, Editing and Design)

Yes, writing, editing and design done from home and for a range of clients is well-rewarded and it means that you can do something you enjoy. (You could also consider turning your hobbies into money makers too). 

Recruiter (Recruitment Consultant)

One of the hardest things about running a business is finding the right staff. Did you know you can make a healthy percentage of somebody’s wage by finding the right candidates for businesses? Well, you can. 

Career Coach

Career Coach

Lots of people are unsure what to do with their working lives. A career coach helps them to make the right decisions and the hourly rate is nothing to be sneezed at. 


If there’s something that a business does, somewhere there’s somebody getting paid to advise on that something. That’s what a consultant is and good consultants make a fortune.

Take what you used to do for a living and work out how to advise other businesses on how to do it. 

Dog Walker

Dog Walker

Yes! Thanks to services like Rover.com you can easily make a decent wage walking dogs and you don’t have to work very hard in order to find clients. 

If you love animals, this is a great way to bring home the umm… bacon. 

Pet Sitter

If you don’t fancy walking dogs, you can still get paid for taking care of animals in people’s homes while they are away. 

The rates are good but you have to be super responsible to ensure the animals are properly cared for. 



Prefer children to pets? Well, babysitters earn pretty good money in many locations in this super busy modern age. 

Many people in cities don’t know anyone who can care for their kids, so finding a trustworthy babysitter is a godsend when they need some me-time and they will pay handsomely. 


A housekeeper is more than a cleaner. They’re more of a household manager and they get paid for ensuring everything runs smoothly, at a premium rate. 

House Sitter

House Sitter

House sitting is simply caring for other people’s houses while they’re away. Not only does it pay quite well, but you may also get to stay in the home for free until they get back!

Music Teacher (Private Teaching)

If you have musical talents then there are always kids (and adults) looking for help to sharpen their skills. This can pay really well depending on how good you are and where you live. 

Online Teaching

Online Teaching

The low-end of this market has collapsed since the Chinese banned online English teaching in the country. But there are still plenty of more specialized roles that pay more and you could always make your own Udemy course. 


In-person tutoring is greatly valued and around SAT time, it becomes a very high-demand profession too. It might not be the most consistent of work but the pay’s not at all shabby. 

School Aide

School Aide

You could also head into school and help out there and school aides make decent cash. There are often decent benefits provided too. 

School Crossing Guard

If you’d prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors, you could try being a school crossing guard. Again pay plus benefits are pretty good. 

Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

This is also on our list of the best low-stress jobs in retirement because it’s a pretty simple job. Sign up with an online delivery company, collect packages and deliver them. Earn $20+ an hour. Easy. 

Rideshare Driver

This is working for Uber or Lyft and it means you get to meet people and enjoy the comfort of the vehicle you paid for. Good drivers in high-demand areas can make much more than minimum wage. 

Final Thoughts On Retirement Jobs That Pay Well

You don’t have to sit around being bored in retirement. In fact, you can probably find a job that pays well and that you enjoy.

Our retirement jobs that pay well is a great list to get started with but if you use your imagination, you’ll be amazed at all the other opportunities you can find too. 

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