How To Sell A Used Stairlift?

How To Sell A Used Stairlift?

Do you have a used stairlift or an old stairlift and you want to get rid of it?

The good news is that it’s often easy to sell used stairlifts.

We can walk you through a simple process to see if you can turn your stairlift removal process into something profitable.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Or Removing Stair Lifts

Selling a used stairlift is fairly straightforward but it is important to follow a process if you want to get as much for your old stairlift as possible and you may even find it’s easier to call the stairlift companies in your area and let them deal with the sale.

What Kind Of Condition Is The Stair Lift In?

What Kind Of Condition Is The Stair Lift In?

The first thing you should know is that stairlifts aren’t cheap. This can make it easy to sell your stairlift.

However, you need to be realistic about the resale value, and that begins with taking a long hard look at the stairlift and asking yourself “how far away from a new stairlift is this?”

You can then Google your stairlift type and get a fairly accurate quote for its value.

You will also need to consider the type of stairlift that you have.

A straight stairlift is usually very easy to sell.

Why? Because a straight stairlift is easy to remove and will, with some simple modifications, fit in any home with a straight-set of stairs.

Curved stairlifts, on the other hand, are harder to get rid of. That’s because a curved stairlift is designed to fit your stairs and it’s not easy to bend a curved stairlift to fit a new set of stairs.

That’s why used stairlifts sold in the open market are often straight. It’s not that you can’t sell your stairlift if it’s curved, just that it’s going to be hard work.

Consider Free Professional Removal For A Unwanted Stairlift Removal

Curved stairlifts

We would look for stairlift specialists (a reputable company) if you have a curved type of stairlift.

They can help remove unwanted stairlifts like these and may be able to sell second-hand stairlifts of a curved nature for you – though expect them to take a “stairlift sell commission” for doing so.

These companies can also help remove stairlifts that are straight in nature if you sell them on.

How Much Should You Sell Your Stairlift For?

If the stairlift is in great condition the price should be about 80% of the original investment. However, the money that people will pay for an older more worn model is likely to be much less.

We’ve found that people tend to be OK with paying cash for an old lift purchase, which gives you some flexibility in how you account for the money later on.

Markets For Secondhand Stairlifts

Markets For Secondhand Stairlifts

Perhaps, the easiest way to sell your stairlift is to sell it to the company that you bought it from in the first place.

Any reputable company in the field is likely to have a buyback scheme. You might also lookup any company in the rent-a-stair-lift business as they are always looking to put new models at their client’s disposal.

If that’s not going to work for any reason then you can sell your lift online.

We’ve found that the brand name and whether you can arrange removal are going to strongly affect the value in online markets of your old stairlift.

We’d recommend using Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to advertise your installation on. It’s free to advertise on these sites. We would note that as these are specialist products, you may have to wait a few days to find an interested buyer.

We would also stress that it’s very important to get paid in cash for your lift – checks have a horrible habit of bouncing when people have purchased things from social media sites. You don’t want to sell your lift and then find that you’ve been robbed instead, do you?

No matter how nicely they ask – cash is king in these matters.

Dismantle And Delivery Responsibilities

We would strongly recommend that you use a service from a trained professional to remove the lift – we know it might seem a little expensive to do this with your stairlift but if you don’t?

You risk damaging the stairlift during the removal process and at that point? It may be worth nothing at all – and that’s really going to hurt.

You should look at the damage this might do in your home too. These products can damage the carpet or the wall when it is removed – you may need to cost this damage into the overall process to be certain that you’re getting value from your old lift.

Final Thoughts On Selling Your Stairlift

It won’t be too hard to get rid of a stair lift that you don’t want. In fact, it may be very profitable, indeed.

Just use the simple process outlined above and you’ll soon be rolling in readies!

Also if you’re looking for something to spend the proceeds of the sale on you might want to consider some of our favorite new stairlifts, these adjustable beds, or these mattresses for seniors to invest in. You know it makes sense. 🙂

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