How To Clean A Walk-In Shower

How To Clean A Walk-In Shower

There’s no doubt that if you want a safer shower in your senior years, you may want to buy a walk-in shower.

But how do you ensure that your walk-in shower is a clean shower and that the area you shower in is conducive to your help? Well, you use our easy cleaning tips below and soon you’ll be able to shower with confidence.

It’s easy to take care of a walk-in shower when you know how and you won’t need to spend a fortune on cleaning supplies either.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning A Walk-In Shower

To make things super easy, we’ve got a very simple process to make sure you attend to everything when cleaning the shower.

Cleaning Supplies For Cleaning Your Walk-In Shower

Cleaning Supplies For Cleaning Your Walk-In Shower

You don’t need a lot of things but you will need some and they are:

  • Some sort of tub cleaner, ideally in a spray bottle to make it easy to apply (this avoids soap scum building up over time – which regular soap might not help with)
  • Some sort of tile cleaner – if you have shower tiles or a ceramic backsplash
  • A sponge – this will be used to scrub on the dirt and grime, so make sure that your sponge is durable and hardy or it will fall to pieces the first time you attempt to make your shower clean
  • Baking soda – if the soap scum has really built up, this can make it easier to shift
  • Microfiber cloth – this is used to dry down shower tiles and the entire shower floor once you’ve finished cleaning
  • Vinegar solution – if you have glass doors, etc. they’re easiest to clean with some vinegar.

Step 1 – Clear Everything Out, Including The Shower Floor

The first step is to prep the area for cleaning. Get all the shower accessories out of the space and then pop them on the bathroom floor until you’ve finished cleaning.

You should also take the shower curtains and remove them from the cleaning area (just pull them aside and tie them back, there’s no need to take them down completely – unless they need treating for mold).

Step 2 – Clean The Shower Walls First

Step 2 - Clean The Shower Walls First

Before you grab any cleaning solution, just spray the walls with warm water for a while. Then add some cleaning product (whatever you’re using – if you don’t have any shower/tub cleaner, use dish soap, it won’t hurt) and leave it to soak for a few minutes.

This makes it much easier to do a deep clean and lets the cleaning agent eat into the grime on the walls.

While you wait, you can clean the doors…

Step 3- How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

If your shower doors are glass, then you should pour some white vinegar into a bottle in a 1:1 mix with some warm (not hot) water and spray it over the glass.

You can then use your sponge to scrub the dirty glass clean. This should be quite easy even if there are mineral deposits on the glass. If you find anything that really won’t come off, use a soft-bristled brush to help get it off, but don’t use anything abrasive or it might damage the glass.

Then go back and scrub the walls. If you find that the cleaning agents aren’t breaking down the grime enough, try the baking soda and hot water to shift it. Never scrub in a circle (it just moves dirt in a circle) only in straight lines.

Step 4 – Tackle The Shower Head And Shower Knobs

Shower Head And Shower Knobs

Repeat the steps above as often as needed until the shower is clean. Then hose down the insides and clean the shower head and shower knobs using just water.

Finally, if the shower drain is blocked remove any hair, etc., and if necessary treat it with drain cleaner.

Then give everything one last spray down with water and then use that cloth (the microfiber one) to get everything inside as dry as can be – this stops mildew from growing in the shower caddy or anywhere else.

Step 5- Visual Inspection Time (Including The Shower Door)

Finally, take a good look at everything in the shower, is it really clean? If not, clean any last bits of the shower and then move everything that you took out of the shower back into it.

Please note: While this might sound like a long process, it’s worth it as it keeps your shower safe, extends its lifespan, and only takes 10-15 minutes once a week or so.

Final Thoughts On Cleaning Your Walk-In Shower

It’s not hard to clean your shower when you know how and there’s no need to end up feeling overwhelmed when you consider cleaning it – just follow the simple process above and it will soon be looking brand new!

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