How To Clean A Stairlift?

Clean A Stairlift

As we start getting older, it can really help to purchase a stairlift.

However, if you want it to last you will need to clean the stairlift regularly and that can be quite an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before.

We put together this simple set of stairlift cleaning tips so that you can tackle a stairlift clean by yourself without damaging yourself, the stairlift track, or the electrical device itself.

How To Clean Your Stairlift

Well-maintained appliances tend to last and as you’d expect that means if you want your stairlift to provide the maximum value, you’ll need to clean it and see to things like battery and engine care.

The Cleaning And Maintenance Process

How Often To Clean?

How Often To Clean?

If you clean your stairlift regularly, it should be super easy to clean. For the main part, you can use a damp cloth or dry cloth to shift any excess dust and we would probably dust every 2-3 days, it can’t hurt, right?

However, once a week, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re ready to get your stairlift running smoothly and get rid of anything in the track including pet hair if you have a pet.

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No Everyday Household Cleaning Solutions

You don’t need anything clever like an anti-static foaming cleaner for this or, indeed, much in the way of cleaning sprays for that matter.

For the main body of the lift and the track – just use a moist cloth (it’s OK to use mild soap but you really don’t have to).

Just make sure to keep away from the rail and the electrical components with the cloth – as water and electricity, generally speaking, don’t safely mix.

You don’t have to work very hard at this, if you clean regularly then you should find a quick wipe is more than enough – and, perhaps, a little elbow grease for a stubborn stain.

Cleaning The Rail: Don’t Use A Damp Cloth

Cleaning The Rail: Don't Use A Damp Cloth

We took professional advice on stairlift cleaning and we were told that these mobility products tend to get the most dirt stuck in the rails.

These are mechanical components and they can pull in things like hair and this builds up over time.

When you clean the rail, they say that you should use a degreasing cleaning product that won’t leave any residue on the rail. You may need to talk to your stairlift supplier to ensure that you get the right cleaning product for this task.

This is a really important part of the cleaning routine and if you were to leave it more than a year – as some people sadly do – you would find that your stairlift was broken and probably need expensive repairs.

Do this weekly, ideally, but no less than monthly.

Do Different Models Need Different Approaches?

Stairlift experts say that while a stairlift is a great mobility aid, there’s no need to worry too much about which precise product you have bought when it comes to cleaning products and regular maintenance. That’s because they say, they are all very much of a muchness and the process is always very much the same when cleaning them.

They say to remember to use a degreasing product (avoid any products that leave residues) on the rails and to dust lightly but regularly (one even recommended using a feather duster and just dragging it behind you as you go up the stairs on the lift).

What About Maintenance?

What About Maintenance?

Your stairlift, according to the user manual, should have an annual inspection to ensure long-lasting operation and as a precautionary measure against any major malfunctions.

These routine checks are carried out by the manufacturer or their representative, they don’t usually clean stairlifts as part of this process – they just want to ensure that you have a product that operates like a new stairlift.

They know that mobility challenges are a serious thing and that it’s a well-informed decision that leads to the purchase of a stairlift.

They may also inspect the seat belts as part of this process to make sure that you don’t fall out of the stairlift.

Final Thoughts On Cleaning A Stairlift

It’s not very hard to clean a stairlift. In fact, it’s pretty easy.

While a stairlift is a complex piece of equipment, the outside of a stairlift is straightforward enough and should be very easy to clean following the instructions above.

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