How To Choose Beds For Seniors With Mobility Issues?

How To Choose Beds For Seniors With Mobility Issues?

Getting older isn’t always easy on our bodies.

Many of us will find that either medical conditions or general stiffness/pain can make getting a good night’s sleep much harder than it once was.

One way to regain your sleep quality is to take a long hard look at what you’re sleeping on and make some changes.

You might find that an adjustable bed is the ideal way to improve your sleep or investing in memory foam mattresses is the way forward.

But before you spend any money, take a look at the information below as it can help you make the right choice for seniors with mobility issues and it won’t always mean buying adjustable beds or adjustable bed frames to let them get better sleep.

Their Preferred Sleeping Position

Their Preferred Sleeping Position

An adjustable bed is often a good choice, however, if you find that when you’re sleeping, you like to be propped up on a bunch of pillows. This is often true for people with sleep apnea, allergies, or acid reflux.

Pillows don’t offer great support (unlike say a memory foam mattress) and it’s better to let the bed frame do the work than rely on pillows.

However, if you’re fine laying flat all night long? Adjustable beds are not likely to do too much for you – after all, an adjustable bed base is meant to raise parts of the bed. If you don’t need that? Stick with your existing bed frame.

If, on the other hand, you find it hard to get your knees or legs into position while you sleep then while there’s no zero gravity position to take all the pressure off, you can get an adjustable bed mattress that includes a “knee break” which is designed to support the knees while you sleep.

Choosing The Best Bed – Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is not a hospital bed and it’s worth noting that you choose adjustable beds based on a need for comfort and pain relief rather than to be sick in.

It can be worth talking to your physician about adjustable beds for seniors before you invest in an adjustable bed as they may be able to suggest specific adaptions that are best suited to your conditions.

For example, if you have Parkinson’s, arthritis, or another condition that makes it hard to swing your legs into or out of the bed? You can find an adjustable bed that offers a backrest, tilt functionality, and knee bend to make this easier.

We’ve got a list of some of the best adjustable beds if you’re looking to start investigating adjustable beds for your home.

Size Of Adjustable Bed Frame And Adjustable Bed Base Vs Other Beds?

Adjustable Bed

Choosing the right size bed is important and adjustable beds need a little more thought than regular beds when you size them up.

That’s because adjustable beds move around more than a standard bed will and that means most adjustable beds will need a bit more space than a regular bed so that the adjustable base can be easily moved into position.

If you find it hard to shuffle to the middle of the bed – avoid a single bed or install bed rails, because you might find it very easy to fall out.

King Singles offer more room to turn over and can be the best adjustable beds for seniors who don’t want to put rails around the bed.

Of course, a double bed allows for more room to move around, you’ll get less body heat buildup in these beds too. They can be the best adjustable beds for singles as well as couples.

We should note that if you have a carer they should be consulted before you buy an adjustable base or adjustable bed online – because they will know the right bed for them to work with as they assist you. Large beds can make it harder for a carer to do their job.

The Best Mattresses

We’ve got a great list of the best mattresses for seniors but before you start arguing over an innerspring mattress vs latex mattresses vs polyurethane foam, you want to think long and hard about how to get the best spinal support.

Sometimes innerspring mattresses will force you into a “banana” position, for example, that won’t give you a comfortable position for sleeping in.

Tips For Better Mobility In Bed

Tips For Better Mobility In Bed

Finally, you can also change some of the things on your bed to get an easier night’s sleep, try:

  • Buying satin sheets. They’re super comfy but they also make it easier to move (you could also replace those old flannel PJs with silk – that will also make movement easier).
  • Always use lightweight sheets. This stops you from getting too hot as you sleep.
  • If you suffer from pain when in contact with sheets – buy bed supports to lift them off the affected body parts.

Final Thoughts

There is a good bed out there for everyone and you can get a bed that allows you to watch TV easily, carries out pressure relief as you sleep, and more.

But it’s important that before you buy the highest rated adjustable bed that you think about what you really need from your bed or what you end up with maybe no better than traditional beds but it will cost a lot more money.

We would also note that if you’re having mobility issues as a senior, you may really benefit from a walk-in tub too.

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