How To Care For An Adjustable Bed

How To Care For An Adjustable Bed?

Many seniors will opt for an adjustable bed to enjoy a more comfortable life and deal with medical problems.

They can sleep comfortably which a flat position may no longer allow for.

However, if you do opt for one of these beds then you should know how to care for them too, otherwise, your expensive investment might not last as long as you need it to.

Care Tips For Adjustable Beds And Adjustable Mattresses

The good news is that caring for an adjustable bed isn’t much harder than caring for any other kind of bed and you should find it pretty easy to keep yours in good shape as long as you follow these super simple tips regularly.

Positioning Your Adjustable Bed

Positioning Your Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds (if you haven’t got an adjustable bed yet, check out our list of the best adjustable beds before you buy) aren’t that fragile, after all, they’re a bed and that means they’re expected to support you while you sleep and not collapse with the slightest touch.

However, you can ensure that your bed is much less likely to come crashing down while you sleep on it by doing the following:

  • Remove the bed from the power supply or switch it off before you move it around the room. This stops you from accidentally activating a function while you move the bed around and prevents damage to the bed and to you. After all, there’d be nothing worse than getting trapped under a moving part of the bed for hours just because you wanted to retrieve some change from behind it. A bed without power is much safer to move.
  • An adjustable bed should always be placed on a solidly constructed flat floor. This ought to be obvious for even a non-adjustable bed but if the floor’s not flat, the bed can move around and with an adjustable bed, you’re changing the center of gravity when you move the parts around – making it much more likely to move than a regular bed. The adjustable bases for these beds are expensive, you don’t want to break them.
  • Adjustable beds should always be in the flat position before you sit on them. The moving parts should be activated while you’re sitting or even in a sleeping position, this means you can prevent any poor positioning while your head rests on the pillows.

Check The Weight Limit Carefully And Adhere To It

We’re not about fat shaming at Senior Guides but it is essential if you want your bed to last that you look up how much weight that it can support and that you don’t exceed that limit.

Beds will collapse if you go over the weight limit and this will cause permanent damage to the bed, it may also cause permanent damage to the person or people inside the bed. You don’t want that, box springs can really injure you if they are torn out of the mattress.

Electrical Monitoring

Electrical Monitoring

There’s nothing that makes nights more uncomfortable than an electrical fire.

If you want to avoid electrical fires – it’s super important for you to check the cables on a regular basis and make sure they are not worn or fraying, if you notice that they are? Replace them. It’s way cheaper than replacing your home after a fire.

Mattress Care Tips

You also need to take care of the mattress (you can find the best mattresses here) on your bed:

  • Don’t sit on the edge of these mattresses. Due to the soft edge that allows them to bend when the bed moves… your mattress will deform if you sit on the edge and become damaged.
  • Rotate the mattress every month. This gets rid of temporary depressions and keeps the mattress looking brand new. The depressions are caused by the fact that the majority of your weight centers over a single spot when the mattress is upright.
  • Use a gripper sheet if the mattress cover is rubbing against the base cover and creating a sort of bumping effect when the bed is moving. This gripper sheet goes between the bed and mattress and is usually temporary.
  • And don’t worry if the mattress and bed seem to slip over each other a little at first. You can reduce this effect by using a gripper sheet with the mattress but unless it’s stopping you from sleeping, it’s not necessary.

Keep The Kids Away

It would also be helpful to remember these beds are for sleeping in not for kids to jump up and down on.

Jumping may be good for their knees but it’s going to wreck your purchase, so try to avoid it.

Final Thoughts On Caring For Adjustable beds

We love adjustable beds and we’d strongly recommend anyone who is having sleeping troubles to get one.

As you can see, it’s not too hard to care for one either.

One last thing, if you have mobility issues you might want to consider one of these best walk-in tubs too as they really made a big difference in our lives.

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