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Top 10 Activities for Seniors with Low Vision

Activities for Seniors with Low Vision

12-15% of American seniors have suffered substantial vision loss but this shouldn’t mean that they have to stop having fun. In fact, if you understand the issues that people with low vision face, then you can support them to find…

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Do Senior Citizens Need A Fishing License?

senior fishing license

Everyone knows you need a license to fish, but what happens when you reach 65? Do senior citizens need a fishing license? Well, it depends, many states do offer a free license for seniors, some don’t require a license and…

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What is Senior Yoga?

Senior Yoga

Senior yoga is well, yoga for seniors and tens of thousands of seniors take up yoga in the United States each year. That’s because there are huge benefits to doing yoga as well as a range of different types of…

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10 Unusual Hobbies for Seniors

hot air ballooning

With 52.4 million seniors living in the United States alone, there’s a lot of demand for interesting things to do in retirement. Sure, there are traditional hobbies like chess or badminton but if you want something a bit different our…

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