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6 Best and Worst Multivitamins for Seniors 2021

multivitamins for old people

Research reveals it’s our If you’re in your golden years, then it might be a good idea to consider using a multivitamin. Why?  Well, because research shows that it’s harder for our bodies to absorb vitamins and minerals from our diet as we get older.  …

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What is Senior Yoga?

Senior Yoga

Senior yoga is well, yoga for seniors and tens of thousands of seniors take up yoga in the United States each year. That’s because there are huge benefits to doing yoga as well as a range of different types of…

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators We Recommend

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

As people get older their health can change and sometimes, they’re going to need supplemental oxygen on a daily basis. A portable oxygen concentrator frees you up to be more independent and enjoy the life you want to lead without…

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