10 Hairstyles for Seniors with Thin Hair

The older woman is normally full of self-confidence and a sense of worth that her younger self couldn’t match. 

But sadly, with age, oftentimes your hair starts thinning and it can undermine the psychological gains that you’ve made.

The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to get a haircut that adds volume to your hair and more than compensates for the thinning.

In fact, often a short, graduated shaped hairstyle can work wonders for your personal style and help you recapture your confidence. 

Short Pixie Cut (Best For Grey Hair)

Short PIxie Cut (Best For Grey Hair)

A short pixie cut is the classic choice for ladies with grey hair (or, occasionally, those who’ve opted for a bottle blond). 

You want to let the front strands go long so you can use a side-sweeping fringe that wows everyone who sees you. 

Modern Wedge Cut

Short PIxie Cut

This is, essentially, a short-length bob with added layering, it is really good with grey hair and offers a cool, classic, retro feel. 

If you want it to emphasize youthfulness, consider it with a side fringe and a deep side parting. 

Textured Bob (Best For Fine Hair)

Textured Bob (Best For Fine Hair)

A textured bob with a razor cut is ideal for almost all kinds of thinning hair. It’s a classic “mature” look that still makes you feel younger with fuller, more volumatic hair.

It can be done using the razor cut technique if you want a more dynamic edge to it. 

Textured Cut (Good For Curly Hair)

Textured Cut

A textured cut is the way to go if you’ve got thinning curly hair. Why? Because it doesn’t just add volume to your hair, it gives it that sexy “bounce” that they love in shampoo commercials.

Best of all, this is a near zero effort cut to maintain, so if you like to roll out of bed and hit the ground running, it’s a girl’s best friend, too. It’s fine with permed or natural hair. 

Shaggy Bob With Bangs (Best For Round Faces)

Shaggy Bob With Bangs

If you have a round face, then a shaggy bob with bangs is your friend, not only does it look like an elegant French bob but it also helps to mask any wrinkles or lines that are sneaking in.

We like the way that this style makes women look younger and gives them an energetic vibe that enhances that vitality. 

Short Shag With Wispy Bangs

Short Shag

If you’re not ready to retire just yet, then this is a great hairstyle for the early senior years and it’s very easy to style and maintain. 

It looks super natural and if you want to give it a bit of a sharp edge ask the stylist if they can apply a “razor cut” to it. 

Layered Long Pixie Cut

Layered Long Pixie Cut

This is an excellent call if you’re heading past 70 and your locks have thinned quite substantially. It really gives you a big volume boost.

However, there’s no getting around that this hairstyle needs a bit of maintenance, make sure to get a trim every month or so. 

Face-Framing (For Glasses Wearers)


A face-framing cut is essentially a shag bob cut which uses bangs to frame the face (and, most importantly, your glasses). 

It requires very little maintenance and when it grows out, it’s a very soft cut. If you have a little movement in your hair, it’s going to look fabulous all day long. 

Layered Cut (Best For Long Hair)

Layered Cut

You’re looking for long layers in the fringe if you want to rock a layered cut with long hair. The layers work by allowing the different depths of the hair to move over each other to create volume.

You’ll find that if you use a little plumper hair spray, you can boost the volume even more, just remember to finish by giving it a burst of dry texture spray. 

The Lob Cut  (Best For Medium Length Hair)

The Lob Cut

Older ladies love the lob cut. It works brilliantly with thin, medium-length hair. Importantly, it’s super easy to grow out and it doesn’t stop looking good while you do. 

If you want a versatile hairstyle that you can play with, this is it. You could even part it down the side and give it the appearance of any asymmetric bob cut.

Final Thoughts On Hairstyles And Thin Hair

Thinning hair shouldn’t need to put a dent in your self-confidence, if you embrace one of these hairstyles for seniors with thin hair, you’ll soon find that you look every bit as wonderful as always have.

Once your confidence is up, you might also want to do one of our fun and interesting activities for seniors, or may look for a low-stress retirement job or even a highly-paid retirement job?

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