Free Personal Finance Courses For Seniors

Free Personal Finance Courses For Seniors

Personal finance courses for seniors?

Yes. Absolutely.

Sure, it’s probably a bit late to learn about student loan debt or to become a certified financial planner but you can certainly benefit from better financial planning in your senior years.

A personal finance course is a great way to tackle that.

From credit card debt to retirement planning, you can learn a lot of things from free online courses which just means you put the time in and then you can be your own financial advisor to some extent.

It’s Never Too Late For Financial Literacy

Each of our picks for the free best personal finance courses is a great way to learn about everything from managing debt to investing in mutual funds.

Seniors have to make a lot of high impact financial decisions in their golden years and being able to take charge of your financial planning leaves you less at risk from mistakes made by consultants, etc.

Alison.Com’s Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings

Alison.Com's Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings

Alison is a huge brand name in the free online learning world and their personal finance course is ideal if you want to be able to manage money succesfully into your retirement.

We have a pretty good guide to life insurance on the site and we can help you work out how much money you need to retire too.

However, this online course takes things a lot further and you should really be able to take charge of your personal finances when you finish.

There is course certification available at the end of the program and this money management is properly rated by educational bodies around the world.

Check it out here.

Future Rich

Future Rich

It’s never too late to start managing money with a touch financial goal setting to boost both your bank balance and credit rating.

While many of the courses on the Planancial site are paif courses, this one is completely free and it gives you a number of smart tools to make yoru investments work better for you.

If you have financial goals that you’re keen to reach, Future Rich can help.

Check it out here.

MR University’s Money Skills

MR University's Money Skills

If you’re looking to get back to basics then MR University’s money skills program might be for you. It looks at all the essential elements of your financial situation and helps you understand how credit works, how to build credit, how to get a credit report, how interest rates affect you and so on.

You can work at your own pace so there’s no need to rush and this course was developed by the same university professors that teach finances to their students too.

Check it out here.

Skillshare’s My Financial Mountain

Skillshare's My Financial Mountain

Technically speaking, this program isn’t free. However, Skillshare offer a one-month free trial to their service (which delivers hundreds and possibly even thousands of courses on a range of different subjects) and that’s more than enough time to tackle My Financial Mountain.

Just don’t forget to cancel the service at the end of the month.

This is focused on how to manage debt and if you’ve got financial issues as you head into retirement this could help you sort through them and ensure that they don’t spoil your later years.

Check it out here.

Alison.Com’s Introduction To Managing Your Personal Finance Debts

Alison.Com's Introduction To Managing Your Personal Finance Debts

This is also a nice short course on how to go from debt to having a savings account with some money in it. It’s pitched more towards high school students but there’s plenty of information that’s relevant to anyone.

If you intend to talk to financial counselors about your finance situation, this is a good place to start before you do.

There are video lectures as well as written course material and by the end you should know all about how an interest rate can damage your cash flow and what to do about it.

Check it out here.

Khan Academy’s Investment Vehicles, Insurance and Retirement

Khan Academy's Investment Vehicles, Insurance and Retirement

Khan Academy is a big name in free courses and this course is perfectly tailored for the senior who is still a few years away from retirement and who wants to get all their financial ducks in a row.

We like the emphasis on money management via investment vehicles, which is a good way to bolster your finances in the years leading up to stopping work.

Check it out here.

Khan Academy’s Personal Taxes

Khan Academy's Personal Taxes

And the last thing you want to do after you retire is to end up paying too much in the way of taxes, this super simple course helps you better understand the tax structure and how you can make it work for you.

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On Free Classes For Finance For Seniors

If you have a strong foundation in personal finance, you can make better decisions for your financial life. We’re not suggesting that a course can replace a trusted financial advisor mind you, we’re just saying that these courses are free and can help you feel more informed.

And if you have enough money in your retirement you might want to consider retiring to Thailand, it can make your wealth go much farther.

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