Easy Crossword Puzzles For Seniors

Easy Crossword Puzzles For Seniors

Are crossword puzzles good for your brain?

Well, according to experts, any brain game will help you retain your cognitive abilities in later life.

But what if you’ve never done a crossword before or you find crosswords more challenging than you once did?

Then these easy crossword puzzles for seniors are the perfect way to get started!

They’re so much fun.

Easy Online Crossword Puzzles For Seniors

There are some great online-only options for puzzling (and if you want to know why you should play brain games? Read reasons why seniors should play brain games according to neuroscientists).

The Evening Standard – this British newspaper has a wide range of different free online crossword puzzles and you can also check out their Quick Crossword and Stan Newman’s Easy Crossword from the options in the menu on the page with the Evening Standard’s Easy Crossword.

This is a 13 x 13 puzzle and if you like, you can even put your username in to enter the puzzle leaderboard. As easy crossword puzzles for seniors go, this is a great place to get started.

Stan’s Easy Crosswords – we just mentioned them above but if you like an easy crossword where you can easily save the answers that you’ve put in and then come back to it then this is the crossword puzzle for you.

There’s a free daily crossword edited by Stan Newman each day. Check it out now.

Boatload Puzzles – one of the best collections of easy crossword puzzles for seniors online is at Boatload where they have an astonishing 40,000 easy crossword puzzles to choose from.

There’s one crossword instantly available on the landing page of the site for free crossword puzzles and then you just put in a number between 1 and 40,000 at the top to call up any other crossword puzzle instantly.

Even if you were to do 10 of their free online crossword puzzle choices each and every day – it would take more than 10 years to do all the crossword puzzles on the site.

Crossword.Info – They don’t make it abundantly clear on this site but there are a lot of different easy crosswords (just either click to Solve or complete the solution of the crossword puzzle yourself and you’ll be offered another). You can also print the crossword for later use – if you use the PDF button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

English Maven – these easy crossword puzzles for seniors are really aimed at people who are still learning English and that means that you can often use the theme of the crossword to guess the answers (as you might in a crossword puzzle book) rather than just working out the clues themselves. We thought they were quite a lot of fun though and they’ve got several levels of puzzles to choose from.

Best of Easy Crossword – this is an online-only game and you need to switch off any ad blockers that you might have before you can do the crosswords here. The good news is that not only are they easy but there are many other crossword games to choose from as you gain skill. If you want a site that’s super interactive then Best of Easy Crossword should be the top option for many seniors.

If you enjoy online games you should also check out these online games for seniors. There are more than just crosswords there!

Easy Large Print Crossword Puzzles

It’s not always easy to get puzzles in large print but we’ve found one great free source of them.

Q.E.T.S – the folks at Q.E.T.S specialize in free large print crossword puzzles.

All of their large print crossword puzzles are for download and print only sadly, and they are really the best option for large print crosswords if you don’t want to pay for them.

We’d recommend sticking to their standard crosswords if you want to keep things easy but they go up in difficulty at a steady pace.

We’d also note that they also have large print word search puzzles, life safety crossword puzzles, and free-form crosswords too. And yes, they are all free to download and print!

Printable Easy Crossword Puzzles

And if you prefer to print your crosswords, then there are plenty of great options out there too but the best for easy crosswords is:

Memory Improvement Tips – not the best-named site of all time, perhaps, but Memory-Improvement-Tips.com is a great place to get free printable easy crossword puzzles for seniors.

And if you’d rather do your crossword puzzles online, then you can easily do any crossword puzzle from this site without printing it too.

They also have free word search puzzles and a range of other brain games. We love the easy puzzles on this site and we think you’re going to enjoy them too.

You can also share these puzzles freely with other seniors – the only thing that you’re not allowed to do with these crossword puzzles is to sell them to other people.

Final Thoughts On Simple Crossword Puzzles For Seniors

A crossword with an easy to understand theme and where the clues aren’t too challenging is the perfect way to get into crosswords and many daily crossword puzzles in newspapers are tailored to beginners but if you want free and easy to access crossword puzzles that are ideal to learn with – then you can’t beat those in the list above.

You may also enjoy these fantastic riddles for seniors – a list that was hand-curated by top hobbyists!

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