Do Seniors Need A Foot Spa?

Do Seniors Need A Foot Spa?

After a lifetime of people walking around their feet can start to fall into a state of disrepair.

The fatty padding on the soles wears away leaving joints exposed and open to damage. The skin tears, there are sprains, neuropathy, and much more to deal with.

Proper foot care is thus, essential. And if you don’t treat elderly feet right then sooner or later, they’re going to let you down.

But is a foot spa or foot bath needed for this or could you do something else instead?

Foot Pain: The Best Reason For A Foot Spa

75% of Americans experience foot pain. A foot spa, for the reasons we’re about to list, can really help keep aging feet healthy and reduce the amount of pain that you experience.

Great Reasons To Grab A Foot Spa For Seniors

Reduce Stress, Tension, Depression & Anxiety

Foot spas help to reduce muscle tension in the feet and this is particularly true if your foot spa uses foot massagers at the base of the spa.

You just need a good old foot soak in warm water, however, to see many of the tension aches in a foot disappear.

And our mood tends to mirror our physical condition, when you relieve physical stress you can help alleviate mental stress such as depression and anxiety too.

Improve Blood Circulation

Our primary reason for regular foot care is to prevent poor circulation. When you have poor circulation it leads to foot disorders because you will find that toxins build up in the limb and sadly, the important nutrients are prevented from arriving properly.

Increasing blood flow is a fantastic benefit of foot care using a foot spa. Which not only cleans your feet but encourages the blood to flow through them.

Handle Headaches

The best foot spa offerings include a form of reflexology massage (a form of acupressure) and we’ve found that can not just keep foot disorders at bay but also a host of other physical problems away too.

When we were at senior yoga the instructor said that this acupressure massage helps to stimulate the nerve endings all over your body and it can reduce headaches (even migraines), joint pain, indigestion, and more.

A billion Chinese people can’t be wrong, right?

Beat Insomnia

A primary care physician told us that regular foot baths for overworked feet can not just prevent foot problems but it can also helo when seniors suffer from insomnia too.

A Conair foot pedicure spa will help you relax before bedtime and as your body becomes more relaxed, the easier it is to get to sleep.

In fact, occasionally we’ve fallen asleep with our feet dangling in the hot water.

Take On Arthritis

In addition to dealing with circulation issues, you can use a foot spa to help manage one of the most common foot problems in seniors.


Get the right water temperature and you will find that the muscles and joints relax and this helps to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing in the arthritic joints.

You may even find that arthritis throughout your body responds to this treatment and your well-being starts to rise overall.

If you do suffer from arthritis you may also enjoy these hobbies which are tailored for the many seniors that have to deal with this chronic health condition. (Also check out these awesome activities whether or not you have arthritis).

Reduce Edema, Nurse Flat Feet And Fend Off Long-Term Injury

Many other health issues can benefit from this form of health care too. If you improve circulation and decrease stress you can help to deal with cardiovascular disease, edema, the pain of flat feet, and much, much more.

One thing we should note, however, is that ingrown toenails can be irritated by massage water jets and you should get them treated before using a foot spa. Some Epsom salt in the water once you do, though, can help them heal faster.

Can A Foot Spa Bath Massager Work?

Yes. This is really just a posh name for a foot spa with a built-in massage function.

They don’t have to be expensive (though we recommend against buying a really cheap spa – they tend not to last very long before they need replacing) and they will stimulate the pressure points on your feet and stimulate muscles to ensure that any energy blockages are removed and that your feet feel great again.

What About A Foot Massage?

A good foot massage is unbeatable but sadly, it’s often a very expensive activity if you’re having to pay a masseur.

If you can afford this treatment it may also help deal with cracked heels as your therapist will use eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil to treat the heel. But many older adults on a budget are going to find a foot spa a much more economical option.

Final Thoughts

We love a great foot spa and as we’ve gotten older, we’ve come to realize just how important our feet are to our well-being.

One of the lowest cost quality of life upgrades you can make as a senior is to buy a foot spa it will help with chronic pain, circulatory problems and so much more. And it won’t break the bank.

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