Can You Test Your Hearing Online For Free?

A quick Google search will result in the discovery of many companies who offer hearing tests online and for free!

But are these tests worth what you pay for them or do they actually work?

Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Yes and no.

Would we use an online hearing test to make the purchase of an expensive hearing aid?

Definitely not. 

However, if you want to get a feel for the quality of your hearing, you can get a pretty good indication of what your hearing is like using an online test as long as you have the right equipment.

What You Need To Ensure An Online Hearing Test Is Accurate

You can’t possibly get a good result from a hearing test if you aren’t prepared to listen properly to the test. 

What You Need To Ensure An Online Hearing Test Is Accurate

So, you will need:

  • A quiet space – as free from background noise as possible and yes, this includes children and street sounds
  • A pair of high quality headphones – these should fit completely over your ear in order to reduce ambient noise as well as provide you the fullest possible sound
  • A phone or a computer – because how else are you planning to do an online test? 

3 Online Hearing Tests That Really Work

Mimi Hearing Test – Smartphone Based

Mimi Hearing Test - Smartphone Based

You can access the Mimi Hearing App on either iOS or Android, but sadly, there’s no desktop equivalent.

It can be easily integrated with other health apps (we use it with Apple’s HealthKit).

With a proven user base of over 1.5 million people, their tests have won awards for accuracy and unlike many other test providers, they don’t start trying to sell you stuff throughout either.

It takes 15 minutes to do and the final output is really robust. 

Hearing Test Online

Hearing Test Online

This is a cool test which provides an accurate audiogram of your hearing at the end. 

It was built by a professional sound designer and all you need to use it is an e-mail address.

However, we found that it didn’t work so well on a smartphone and is best conducted on the desktop.

You can access this test here. 

Audicus - From Sonova

From Sonova

Sonova makes hearing aids, so as you might expect, they offer a simple online hearing test which provides some nice looking results.

The interface is really easy to use but sadly, there’s no audiogram included in the final report. 

Be prepared to get the occasional ad for hearing aids in exchange for taking part.

The Audicus test can be found here

Final Thoughts On Online Hearing Tests

Yes, you can take a free online hearing test and while it’s not a perfect process, it will give you some idea whether or not you need a bit of specialist help with your hearing. 

These free online hearing tests are a good way to check your aural health at home. 

Once you’ve done your hearing test, why not have a crack at some riddles, or check out our favorite activities for seniors or even see how to make some money from your hobbies?

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