Top 6 Best Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers have no lip to step over when you get in, this is an essential for many older people with mobility issues and some walk-in showers can even accommodate a wheelchair!

The challenge is finding a reputable walk-in shower provider that sells a quality product and provides the right level of service, so that you can rely on them if things go wrong. 

That’s why you should consider one of our best walk-in showers, we’ve tested each of these companies and they will deliver the results you want. 


Kohler is possibly the best brand of walk-in shower and that might well be due to the fact that each shower is personally designed for your needs. 

It’s easy to change the seating options and grab bars on these showers and they all feature a low threshold. 

You can call Kohler and they’ll send an expert to your home to give you a quote and assessment. One nice thing about this process is they never charge more than they quote for a job. 

If you do opt to buy from Kohler then you’ll be pleased to learn that the installation process is quick and painless and takes less than a day (including removing any existing bath or shower). 

Best Walk-in Showers

1. The grab bars are ADA compliant and if you don’t want grab bars? They can also offer shelving. 
2. A limited lifetime warranty is provided on both the parts and the labour
3. Their personalized quote system is very good


1. You get what you pay for and Kohler is a premium brand
2. They have no coverage or only partial coverage for services in 10 states
3. Some customers report that service after the warranty coverage is up is patchy

American Standard

American Standard offers a range of shower models but it’s worth noting that they don’t sell complete units and you’ll need to hire a plumber to install their units. 

Their pricing model is very transparent though and you will be fully aware of the cost of each component. 

It’s worth noting that not all their grab bars are ADA compliant and you need to search specifically for this if you want it. 

Their warranty is a reasonable but not outstanding 5-years on most items. 

American Standard

1. Very good value for money parts and high-quality products
2. The website is super easy to search and find what you want
3. They offer an excellent range of choices


1. You need to hire an installer separately they don’t install
2. They don’t offer complete units, you need to pick all the different parts yourself
3. The warranty is nothing to excited about 

Safe Step

Safe Step is, perhaps, better known for its excellent range of walk-in tubs (we’ve reviewed the best walk-in tubs here) but they also offer a solid range of walk-in showers.

They are an American company and all their products are made in the USA. We’re pleased to see that they are backed with a lifetime warranty too. 

While the showers are good, you may also want to check out the tubs as they can be provided with rainfall showerheads. 

You’ll need to call them and they’ll send out a technician for a no-obligation quotation. 

One thing we will note is the excellence of the installation service which handles everything from getting rid of old bathroom contents to ensuring it’s shiny clean at the end. 

safe step

1. Excellent installation service
2. Solid range of safety features that make it easier to feel confident using the shower
3. A full lifetime warranty


1. You have to get a home visit for a quote
2. Not the widest choice of hydro jets if you opt for a bath/shower model
3. Some complaints that the reps aren’t entirely upfront about the capabilities of the product when selling

Independent Home

If you’re put off getting a walk-in-shower because they’re not very affordable, then you should check out Independent Home.

They’re much cheaper than the average company in this marketplace and they don’t seem to have cut corners on the quality of the product to get there.

In fact, they offer a lifetime warranty on everything they sell! The installation process takes a very reasonable single day to complete which is handy too.

However, it’s worth noting that their shower units are all part of walk-in tub arrangements and are not standalone showers. 

independent homes

1. Probably the most affordable of the walk-in-shower companies
2. Their products are very easy to use
3. Everything is backed by a lifetime warranty


1. Must install a shower as part of a bath arrangement
2. They are often delayed with their installations due to supplier issues
3. Fewer choices than other brands

Freedom Showers

The Freedom Showers line is recommended by the Accessibility Professionals which ought to be a reasonable guarantee of getting a quality product.

There are over 50 different walk-in showers in the Freedom Showers range which is larger than the average line up and it might take a bit longer to choose what you want, exactly. 

They also offer ADA compliance on grab rails, safety bars, seats and more, which is great news. 

 Freedom Showers

1. A huge range of products to choose from
2. Recommended by professionals that understand the needs of seniors and the mobility impaired
3. Well made, high quality products


1. Fewer online reviews than most companies, making it hard to establish long-term satisfaction
2. Complicated range can mean it’s hard to choose what you want
3. Warranty is 30 years, which is not bad but not “lifetime” either


Yes, Jacuzzi, the most famous hot tub brand in the world also makes walk-in showers and they’re amazing. 

The only downside, of course, is that premium features and premium brands come at a large cost and the Jacuzzi walk-in showers are among the most expensive on the market.

However, they do offer comfort features that other walk-in showers can’t match and if you want to remove the seat or move it to another wall? It’s a snap to do. 

You also have plenty of ways to arrange the showerhead and auxiliary jets to perfectly match your body’s needs. 


1. A premium brand that you know you can rely on
2. The best range of in-shower features of any brand
3. Very safe and built to last


1. Can be eye-wateringly expensive
2. Some customers report problems with getting the local dealer to provide after care
3. Warranty isn’t as long as you might expect with some parts only offering 2 years cover!

Final Thoughts On Walk-In Showers

When you get to a certain age and your mobility’s not the best, a walk-in shower stops being a luxury and becomes a necessity.

With these walk-in-showers, you can be certain that you’re getting a solid product that will last and guarantee your safety and comfort. 

If you’re looking for ideas to pay for a walk-in shower, why not check out how to turn your hobbies into cash or the best paid jobs for seniors?

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