Top 8 Best Senior Dating Sites for Older Adults

More than 1 in 4 American seniors live by themselves. Some of them choose this life, others would prefer a little company.

For those that are looking for company, one very easy way to find a partner is to go online and use one of our top picks for our round-up of the best senior dating sites. 

Why not check them out today? 

What Did We Look For In Our Best Senior Dating Sites?

These were the criteria we looked for to make our list:

  • Plenty of seniors in the dating pool. A dating site without other people like you is not a good sign. You may not want to date another senior but if the site doesn’t serve seniors, you probably won’t find any kind of date.
  • Value for money. Some dating services are incredibly expensive and others are almost-free. We wanted to make sure that the money you put in is paid back in potential love matches.
  • Matching facilities. These facilities are not all created equally but a good dating site should be able to suggest some potential partners to you. 
  • Happy customers. We also examined a ton of user reviews to make sure that people have formed happy, long-lasting relationships on a site. 

Our Best Senior Dating Sites

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is one of the few sites aimed solely at the older generation that delivers on its overall promise. That is to help you find a second chance at love later in life. 

Best Senior Dating Sites silversingles

1. In-depth questionnaire really helps bottom out the best of you and what you need to make it work with a match
2. Subscribers tend to be both graduates and highly intelligent 


1. One of the more expensive offerings on the market
2. If you’re looking for a more “unusual” relationship the narrow focus on older folks might not be for you

Our Time

Our Time’s target audience is singles over the age of 50 and it’s considered, by many, to be among the best of the senior-specific dating sites. 

There’s an emphasis on the idea that it’s never too late for you to find love on the site and they have a large number of subscribers (8 million or so). 

Our Time

1. With 8 million people on the site, you should be able to find a date
2. You can progress relationships at your own pace into anything from pen pals to lovers


1. The profiling tool isn’t as detailed as some of the other sites
2. Beware the scammers (particularly among those who have not paid for a full subscription)

Match is one of the world’s largest dating sites and they have over 8 million subscribers. It’s important to take some time when signing up with Match and not just rush through the sign up process.

That’s because your answers inform their algorithmic selection tool and help it to evaluate potential matches for you. That means you want your info to be as accurate as possible.


1. Huge dating site that is popular in many countries
2. Smart matchmaking algorithm can be very accurate


1. Sign up process is more time consuming than on other sites
2. There may be fewer seniors on this site than on senior specific sites

Date My Age

This is a site aimed at middle-aged and senior users with a joining age of 40 and above. However, they don’t exclude younger people from the dating pool, just from holding a full membership. 

This is a cross-cultural platform with members in many countries. One big advantage is that Date My Age allows you to chat with other people for free – this is almost unheard of on dating sites.

Date My Age

1. Can chat for free with other users
2. Brings together people from all over the world


1. Lots of scammers be careful
2. Can be overwhelming for those unused to online dating

Senior Match

Senior Match is another quality dating site aimed at seniors, however, we found it to be very “urban biased”, so, if you live in the country – you might want to check out another site first.

We like the geographic matching tool, it makes sense that most people aren’t going to want to date someone a thousand miles away from home. 

Senior Match

1. Very good geographic matching tool
2. Senior-focus is good for finding dates


1. Not as many users as some of the senior dating sites
2. Definitely not as useful for rural users 


If eHarmony isn’t the biggest dating website in the world, it’s certainly up there. They have over 30 million Americans on their books! 

They stress that if you want to find love, you should focus on building relationships and meaningful connections rather than rushing into things. We think that’s pretty good advice. 


1. Largest dating pool of any dating website on our lists (note: they’re not all seniors, though)
2. Excellent personality quiz for matching you with the right people


1. Might be “too much of a good thing” with too many choices of potential partner
2. The premium membership is quite expensive (though good value)


At Zoosk age is no barrier to love and thus, there’s no restrictions on how old or young you need to be to join. Well, you have to be an adult but that’s it.

Zoosk allows its users to be very specific about the kinds of relationships that they will entertain. So, if you have a niche arrangement in mind, it could be a great site for you. 


1. You can define the relationship you want very early on in the process
2. Their behavioral matching service improves in accuracy the more you use it


1. Not all their users are seniors or interested in dating seniors
2. There’s a more “casual” aspect to dating on this platform which might not be to all tastes

Senior Sizzle

Senior Sizzle is all about casual hook ups and yes, it’s targeted at, and mainly, used by seniors. 

There are many seniors who grew up during the Summer of Love and that energy hasn’t deserted them. 

It’s a bit old-fashioned looking and their UI isn’t the greatest. But on the plus side, it’s not very expensive either. 

Senior Sizzle

1. One of the cheaper dating websites
2. It’s focused on casual flings, unusual for a senior’s site


1. You’re less likely to find a long-term partner here
2. It’s not the prettiest or easiest to use site

Final Thoughts On Dating Sites For Seniors

If you’re new to online dating, the best thing you can do is pick one site that looks interesting to you and learn to master that.

Many of these sites have free trial options, so why not choose your favorite and give it a trial, today? 

One final note on this. If you’re going to retire in the Philippines or in Thailand rather than retiring in the safest places in the United States, you’ll want to look up the local dating sites when you arrive – the sites in this article are best for use in the USA.

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