Top 15 Best Online Courses for Seniors

You are never too old to learn new things.

In fact, research shows that learning new skills can help to keep Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay.

So, why not start by learning something from our best online courses for seniors?

They’re all awesome and rewarding. Check them out!

Web Design for Everybody

Everyone should know how to build a website.

It’s a ton of fun and it could be the side-hustle you’re looking for during retiremnt or at the beach.

firstly, because it’s fun and secondly, because it might help you supplement your retirement income.

You’ll learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and build your first ever website on this super fun course. 

Pre-Programming: Everything You Need To Know Before You Code

Coding is nowhere near as hard as many people think it is. In fact, it’s just like learning another language, it needs a bit of patience and some training.

Fortunately, all the training you need before learning to code is in this fully comprehensive course. 

university of michigan

Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

Once you’re ready to learn to code, this course from the University of Edinburgh is a great way to start.

By the end of the course you’ll have mastered the Scratch programming language and learned to make computer games!

Fundamentals of Computing Specialization

Tired of feeling left out in technical computing conversations? Then this Rice University course will help no end.

It’s a fairly long course that will teach you everything you need to know about computers. 

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Want to unleash your creative side on the computer? Then why not learn graphic design and make beautiful things. 

You’ll learn everything from first principles before you make amazing digital art. 

Chinese For Beginners By Peking University

Why not learn a new language in your retirement? We think Mandarin’s a good call as it’s the most spoken language on Earth. 

First Step Korean

If you don’t fancy Mandarin, then why not Korean? Then you can watch Squid Game and Kingdom on Netflix without subtitles!

It’s also pretty handy for a visit to the beautiful nation of South Korea. 

Greek And Roman Mythology (University Of Pennsylvania)

Want to grasp the history of the world? What better place to start than with the myths of the Greeks and Romans? 

You’ll soon see how this early piece of history has marked the world around you in a myriad of ways. Fascinating and fun. 

The Age Of Sustainable Development

The buzzword of our age is “sustainability” but what does that really mean and how could the world be better for sustainable development?

This is what this course, from Columbia University, aims to teach you and it’s a fascinating journey that explores the good and the bad of human life on our planet. 

Climate Change And Health (Yale University)

Lots of things are said about climate change in the media but there’s very little that focuses on what climate change means about our own health.

This long-form course from Yale will show you how climate change and our health are intertwined and why we must all become advocates for a cleaner, greener world if we want to live to our full potential. 

Astronomy: Exploring Time And Space

Want to set your sights on the stars rather than the ground? Then the University of Arizona has you covered. Here, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the heavens.

This is a chance to take a telescope and face the greatest unknown to humanity, the voids of space, and come back wiser and better for it. Don’t miss out. 

Modern Masterpieces Of World Literature (Harvard University)

If you always wanted to feel more able to partake in discussions of literature then you could do worse than explore the epics that underpin our culture.

From Gilgamesh to The Odyssey and beyond, this important course helps demonstrate how stories shaped our world and why that matters. 

Guitar For Beginners (Berklee College of Music)

Yes, you can learn to play guitar online! Better still anyone can do this, in fact, here’s a 96-year-old featured on 9 and 10 News, who did just that.

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t even have to attend lessons, you can do them online. 

Resilience: The Art Of Coping With Disasters

If you’re nervous about the future then learning how to cope with the biggest disasters will help you develop true resilience. 

This course will make you happier and more confident about your place in the world today. 

Managing Your Health: The Role Of Physical Therapy And Exercise

If you’re concerned about your health as you grow older, this course from the University of Toronto can teach you how to best prepare yourself for a health retirement.

It’s also 100% free of charge, which might help persuade you to sign up. 

Final Thoughts On Online Courses For Seniors

It’s never too late to learn and each of these courses is interesting and fulfilling. You may even find that you want to take an area of study to the next level afterwards too. 

Best of all, they’re all very reasonably priced (wait for a sale at Udemy and use a subscription to get the best price on Coursera). 

Also, if you’re looking for a retirement job that pays well or a low-stress retirement job or even a hobby that you can turn into a job, then learning something new can be a financial lifeline. 

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