Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Companies

Did you know that the average Medicare beneficiary has to meet up to $7,500 of out of pocket expenses when they make a claim?

That’s why it’s important to have a Medicare Supplement Plan which helps to fill the gap. 

We believe that you’ll find that our selection of best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and companies will help you find peace of mind that covers all medical emergencies. 

Note: We have only included Medicare Supplement G Plans here. Why? Because they represent the best value for money in delivering the lowest out-of-pocket costs at this moment in time. However, we need to stress that if you were eligible for Medicare prior to January 1, 2020 – you may find that a Medicare Supplement F Plan is better value. These plans are no longer available to anyone who became eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020. 


Humana has been in business since 1961 and has been selling insurance plans since the 1980s, which means you can be certain they’ll be around if you need to claim.

It’s worth visiting their website if you want to get to grips with the details of any plan as they go into great detail and accurately map out eligibility, costs, etc. 


One thing we really like about this coverage is you can call a nurse at any time, 24/7, if you have any personal medical concerns and that’s included in the premium. 

Unfortunately, Humana’s pricing scheme does depend on your age, so the older you get, the more expensive it becomes.

However, you can get a discount if your partner also uses Humana.

They also provide a free gym membership package (a SilverSneakers basic plan) and discounts on many other things including hearing aids, eye care and over the counter medications. 

The mobile app is also very useful in seeking support with your policy and general healthcare. 


1. Provides a 24/7 contact line for nursing advice 
2. Offers discounts on other services including a free gym membership
3. You can opt for additional coverage including Plan D, optical and dental


1. Increasing rates based on age which can be painful in the longer term
2. Only covers 47 of the United States
3. The High-Deductible plan is not available in Missouri

AARP by UnitedHealthcare

AARP is a really good option for seniors because unlike almost all other insurance providers, their premiums are not based on age. Instead, they use a community pricing model.

That means your only premium increases should be down to inflation or a change in their overall risk category of policy holders and not your age. Over time, this may mean your policy is much cheaper than elsewhere.

You must join the AARP in order to use their insurance plans, however, this only costs about $12 a year and it does come with a bunch of (potentially useful) additional benefits. 

If you’re new to Medicare, they can also offer a 39% discount on the plan for your first year and another 5% if your partner already has the plan.

In addition, there’s a discount for paying up front for the year. 

AARP has been around for over 50 years and United Healthcare has been around for nearly 50 years, you can rely on this pairing to be there when you need to claim. 

AARP by UnitedHealthcare

1. Mega-discount if you’re new to Medicare – a no-brainer for a year, at least
2. You don’t need to worry about an age-based premium pricing
3. You can access Part D drug plans in addition to the Plan G coverage


1. No high-deductible plan G provision
2. You have to take out an AARP membership in addition to the insurance
3. No coverage in Minnesota, Massachusetts and Wisconsin


While Aetna does use age-based pricing, it has one of the clearest and most open pricing structures of any insurer. Just head to the website, and use the Supplement Plan G option to see all costs.

This makes a pleasant change from having to put in all your details for a personalized quote. The website is also stacked with useful data about the plan’s coverage.

Unfortunately, despite the excellence of the information, you can’t apply for coverage online – you have to call them and get an agent to speak to you. This seems bizarre in the 2020s, but it is how it is.

Their Medicare Nurse Line is staffed 24/7 once you sign up, though, and that means you get handy access to medical advice at all hours of the day. 

They also have a great mobile app that offers super support with your plan.

Aetna has been around since 1853 and thus, you can trust your claims are going to be paid. 


1. The best household discount plan of any Plan G insurer
2. You can add on dental, optical and Part D coverage
3. They offer a 24/7 nursing support line and a great app


1. You’re looking at ever-increasing premiums based on your age
2. You have to use an agent to sign up
3. They only provide coverage in 40 states 

Blue Cross, Blue Shield

One thing we liked about Blue Cross, Blue Shield is that they offer a ton of discounts for their programs and you can combine them.

So, for example, you can get a discount for adding a dental plan, another for using automatic payments, a discount for your first year, a household discount and more and they all stack. 

This can get a little confusing but all the discounts are clearly marked on a quotation and make it easy to see how much you can save. 

Unfortunately, as with almost all Medicare Supplement Providers – this is a policy based on attained-age which means you’re going to pay more and more as you grow older.

They do offer an excellent 24/7 nursing support line service as part of the plan, though.

BCBS was the first ever insurance company to partner with Medicare (back in 1966) and you can trust they’ll be there if you need to claim. 

Blue Cross, Blue Shield

1. Excellent 24/7 nursing support line feature
2. Lots of different discounts and they stack
3. You can add on optical, dental, Part D and more 


1. Most states don’t provide a high-deductible plan
2. This is an age-based premium plan
3. You have to contact an agent to get a quote for coverage

Final Thoughts On Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Companies

Assuming that you’re retiring in the United States, (and ideally, to one of the country’s safest retirement destinations) then Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are a no brainer.

These Plan G options are among the best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from the best insurance companies on the market, today. 

And if money’s tight why not see if you can turn your hobbies into cash or take up some low-stress work for seniors? 

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