Top 5 Best Meal Delivery Companies for Seniors

As you get older, it can be challenging to prepare balanced meals that meet your changing health requirements.

That’s where our best meal delivery for seniors services come in, they do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

You place an order, their team makes and prepares the meal, delivers it to you and you just heat it up to eat the healthiest of diets! 

So, check out the best meal delivery services for seniors below!

Our Best Meal Delivery For Seniors

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen knows what seniors are looking for in terms of their health. Every single meal they provide is designed by a dietitian and it’s meant to provide a balanced and nutrient packed diet. 

Their meals are among the most varied offered by any meal service and it’s easy to find everything you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They also offer snack packs (everything from boiled eggs to oatmeal to soup) which makes it easy to keep things interesting all day long. 

Their meals can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 days and they can also be put in the freezer if you want to use them at a later date. 

Best Meal Delivery Companies for Seniors Snap Kitchen

1. One of the most varied meal services and all meals are produced under a dietitian’s watchful eye
2. The availability of snacks is very handy too
3. They can adapt the menu to some special diets such as gluten-free or low-carb
4. Reasonably priced subscriptions


1. A strange insistence on 6 or 12 meals per week rather than more options
2. They don’t cater to vegetarians or vegans!
3. Each meal is only a single serving, you need two if you’re a couple
4. They don’t offer 100% coverage for the United States, yet

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen is a great meal delivery service for seniors and their offerings are very much targeted at those over 50. They also have two different menus to choose from.

The first, the A La Carte menu, is all about choosing different elements to a meal and putting them together yourself. 

The second, the Complete Meals menu, has everything you need for a single meal in one option. With both menus, you’re free to choose as many (or as few) dishes as you want. 

We really like Magic Kitchen’s ability to customize their plans for pretty much every kind of special eating need. Vegans, vegetarians, low carb, low sodium, dialysis friendly, and so on…


1. They deliver to all of the United States
2. You can get discounts for senior citizens on their subscriptions
3. You can tailor your meals as much as you need them tailored
4. They offer plans for as many or as few meals as you need


1. All the food is frozen, sadly, and that does impact the taste
2. You have to order on a careful timetable as shipping frozen meals is a challenge
3. They don’t always have all their menu items in stock
4. You need to be careful to adhere to the terms of their discount promos to get the discounts

Mom’s Meals

Mom’s Meals specializes in refrigerated rather than frozen meals for older people. They use registered dietitians to design their meal plans to ensure they meet nutritional requirements.

It’s also worth noting that Mom’s Meals is recognized by Medicare and Medicaid and if your insurance is paying for “home delivered meals” – they may cover the cost of your orders.

We like the fact that they are able to cater to special diets that are based around specific medical conditions. We also like the fact that the meals last up to 2 weeks in your firdge!

They can deliver to any location in the United States and their meal plans are super flexible. We also think they’re competitively priced. 

 Mom’s Meals

1. Lots of really interesting food options and they can puree food too
2. The prices are super affordable for a meal delivery service
3. The meals do not need to be frozen to store them for up to 2 weeks
4. Their plans may also be covered by your insurer


1. We found that the vegetables inside weren’t always the best quality
2. May not have all the protein options that you want
3. They use an awful lot of packaging to deliver the meals in
4. Flavor profile is what you’d expect from microwave meals


Freshly is all about single older adults. If you want to eat their plans as a couple, you’d need to buy two plans as they’re designed to feed one person only.

The finished products just require a little heating to make them ready to eat and there’s absolutely no preparation work required at all.

You can freeze their meals, but they are best Fresh and will keep for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. You don’t have to order a lot of meals, either, to make use of this service.

There are about 30 different meals to choose from each week and they are all gluten-free. They can also support low-carb and low-dairy diets. 


1. One of the smallest minimum order quantities of any meal service
2. Good value for money and can be low cost compared to some other options
3. Their meals are fresh rather than frozen
4. Guaranteed to be gluten-free


1. Very small range of special dietary requirement support
2. Maximum order of 12 meals a week
3. The menu is not as varied and interesting as some other services
4. The flavors are a little muted

Real Eats

The Real Eats plan offers meals that can either be microwaved or made warm by boiling them in the bag. We found that we preferred the microwave as boiling made them too soft for our taste.

They use fresh, local ingredients and when they can they use organic ingredients too. However, as you might expect – this impacts the final cost and Real Eats is a pricier service than most.

They use real chefs and dietitians working together to create single person meal plans (couples will need to order two). They have options for all meals of the day as well as snacks.

While you can start and pause a subscription to Real Eats at any time, there is a limit to the number of states it currently services and you have to agree to take deliveries on certain days. 

real eats

1. Excellent ingredients that really stand out from other meal services
2. They can offer any mix of meals that you might want
3. Healthy, balanced diet straight out of the box
4. Very tasty 


1. The portions are smaller than we would like
2. Some customers have complained that the food arrives overcooked
3. It’s quite expensive compared to other meal plans
4. The packaging is way too much

Final Thoughts On Best Meal Delivery For Seniors

Even if you’ve got a low stress job after retiring and you live in one of the safest places to retire in the US, you could probably benefit from having a few meals delivered each week. 

And if you have a retirement job that pays well, you won’t have any problem scaling up the service to cover all of your nutritional needs. 

Why not try one of these best meal delivery for seniors services today and let us know what you think of them? 

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