The 6 Best Large Piece Puzzles for Seniors, According To Dissectologists

Whether you’re bored or you’re seeking to keep your brain engaged with some problem solving, jigsaw puzzles can be really fun.

However, as we get older, we often lose a little bit of mobility and potentially even some of our vision, that can mean it’s best to use a large-piece jigsaw puzzle.

With that in mind, we’ve found some of the best large piece puzzles for seniors out there. We’re positive that you’ll enjoy them. 

How To Choose Jigsaw Puzzles For Seniors

Buying a jigsaw puzzle for a senior doesn’t need to be a Herculean effort but if you want them to enjoy the puzzle, you need to follow some basic rules:

  • Seniors are not children, don’t buy them a children’s jigsaw. This can really be demoralizing for an older person trying to hold onto their independence. We know you mean well, but seriously, pick a design suited for someone of their age.
  • Consider their physical condition. Large-piece puzzles aren’t always necessary, can your loved one handle an ordinary jigsaw still? If not, is large-piece OK or would they benefit from “easy grip” jigsaw puzzle pieces?
  • Try to make the subject relatable. If there’s something your senior friend enjoys as a hobby that can make for a great subject for a puzzle. You may even consider having a personalized puzzle made with a subject of your choosing.
  • Pick a puzzle that’s easy to clean. When your mobility is impaired, you might spill a drink or food on the puzzle. This shouldn’t be a big deal if you choose your puzzles to be easy-clean.
  • Pieces that make a sound when put into place can be very useful. If someone is visually impaired that sound lets them know they’ve made the right move. Plus, it’s pretty satisfying for most people to hear, to be fair. 

Why Large Piece Puzzles For Seniors?

Large piece puzzles present all the challenges of a jigsaw but in a way that the senior can easily manipulate the pieces.

Puzzles have been shown to improve memory, brain chemistry, creativity and people’s disposition. There are real benefits to them. 

Our Best Large Piece Puzzles For Seniors

Ravensburger Rooftop Garden

Ravensburger has a big range of puzzles and they’re all very good. We really like this 500 piece large format jigsaw because it’s very challenging while still being “doable”.

The “soft click” system provides auditory feedback on the user’s progress too, which is awesome. 

Best Large Piece Puzzles for Seniors Ravensburger Rooftop Garden

Buffalo Games Moscow, St. Basil’s

We’ve never been to St. Basil’s in Moscow but we found this 300 piece jigsaw to be really inspiring and beautiful.

If it’s not the perfect choice for you, Buffalo Games has a wide range of large piece puzzles to choose from and they’re all very good. 

SunsOut Good Companions

This is smaller and might be a cutesy for some, though an animal loving senior will probably really enjoy doing the Good Companions puzzle

SunsOut offers more puzzles if this isn’t the ideal puzzle for your senior and you can probably find something you like. They’re a bit cheaper than the average puzzle too. 

Springbok Birds Of A Feather

If your senior has a fun and interesting hobby such as bird spotting then they might love this Birds of a Feather number from Springbok.

It’s very reasonably priced for a 500 piece puzzle and there are more puzzles in the Springbok range for you to choose from too. 

Serious Puzzles Mountain Gems

We were blown away by the beauty of this puzzle’s design from Serious Puzzles and we love the fact it’s American-made from eco-friendly materials and inks.

The large pieces are really easy to handle. If you want to check out other offerings from Serious Puzzles, we think you’ll be impressed with those too. 

Puzzle Warehouse Baking

We conclude with what may be an overly simple puzzle for many seniors, it only has 24 pieces but which might be perfect for someone with severe movement impairment or dementia.

Puzzle Warehouse does offer other forms of large piece puzzles with more challenge. We’d also encourage you to check out our list of easy crafts for seniors with dementia if that’s an issue you’re facing. 

Final Thoughts On Large Piece Puzzles for Seniors

As long as you stick to our short list of rules above, it should be easy to choose large piece puzzles for seniors. 

The puzzles we’ve listed here will be fantastic for many seniors too, why not order one, today?

You might also want to consider helping a senior take up a hobby that makes them money or walk them through the benefits of playing brain games as a senior too. 

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