Bed Jackets for Women Are Ultra-Practical (And Trendy?)

Bed Jackets for Women

One of our favorite items of clothing at home is a fleece bed jacket that we often fight over because it’s so comfy.

In fact, we love it so much that we think everyone should have a fleece bed jacket or bed jacket of some kind.

They’re ultra-practical garments that easily machine wash and despite their name, they’re way more flexible than you might think when it comes to where you can wear them.

What Is A Bed Jacket?

A bed jacket was given its name as it’s a lightweight jacket that was traditionally worn over your pajamas or your nightgown and the light material used meant that it would be comfortable when you were wearing it in bed.

We often wear ours like this in our nice adjustable bed on our comfortable mattress.

Now, many fashionistas argue that we should drop the name “bed” from “bed jacket” because a stylish women’s bed jacket can be worn pretty much anywhere now.

And no, it’s not akin to going to the supermarket in your PJs.

The truth is that a bed jacket is simply an extra layer of clothing that can trap some air inside it – this means you can wear it whenever you’re feeling a little chilly, wherever you are, without feeling self-conscious that you’re not in bed.

In fact, the best thing about bed jackets is that they’ve been designed to fit perfectly over your other clothing. If blankets were jackets they’d be bed jackets.

Is It True That A Bed Jacket Can Save On Heating Costs?

Assuming your bed jacket fits perfectly over your night clothing then it’s entirely possible you might be able to save on heating costs.

We have no idea what circumstances you heat your home normally, however, and that means we can’t put a precise figure on how much money you would save wearing a bed jacket.

What we can say is with the current inflationary pressures on fuel and electricity a bed jacket might turn out to be much cheaper than a jacket of a shorter length that you can’t wear to bed.

Do You Have To Wear A Bed Jacket In Bed?

No! Bed jackets can be worn wherever you want to wear them. They’re the ideal accessories for streetwear and they’re super comfy too! Heck, you can even wear them when playing sports.

We’d also note that we often see people wearing them when they’re in the hospital. Clothing that you can easily shrug off when you need to is the ideal clothing for a hospital trip.

We often wear our own bed jackets in the house at all times of day too, they’re easier to deal with than sweaters and we like the loose comfort of a bed jacket.

We’d also note that while the senior women’s bed jacket market has always been huge – more and more younger women are wearing this item now too. So, don’t worry you won’t be condemned as an “elderly person” just for wearing a women’s bed jacket in the streets.

Some Ideas For A Great Women’s Bed Jacket

Charles Fay

There are many exclusive online deals in the top search queries for a fleece bed jacket online and this includes Charles Fay’s gorgeous Ladies Mini Waffle Bedjacket in Raspberry.

It’s an Irish company so you might need to wait a little while for it to be delivered but it’s very luxurious and we liked the shawl collar style and the fact that it has usable pockets.

Check it out here.


The British company Camille also makes some beautiful bed jackets and we were very taken by this little blue number.

You get discounts for bulk buying here and their prices are very, very reasonable indeed.

Sadly, they don’t offer free returns to North American customers but we found that the soft clothes were very high quality and we doubt that once you’ve seen how cozy and warm they are that you’d want to send them back.

In fact, I’m lounging around in my jacket from this company as I’m sitting here writing this.

Check it out here.

Sears: Amerimark Jackets

If you want to order from somewhere a little closer to home then Sears does a nice line of bed jackets under the Amerimark brand.

The one we tested for this article was cozy and warm and had the best length of any of the jackets that we tried on.

Their latest offers also often see Sears customers getting cashback offers when they buy clothing and accessories from their online store.

We would note, however, that even when on sale these jackets are slightly pricier than most of the others and we don’t think there’s a need to spend a fortune on women’s bed jackets even if the pockets are as comfy and fluffy as this jacket’s pockets are.

Check it out here.


Another great source for a fleece bed jacket is the UK’s Adaptawear brand.

They make a one-size-fits-all number that is super comfortable and has a cape-like styling which means even if you have bad arthritis or mobility issues in your upper body, it’s reasonably easy to put on.

It comes in a choice of three attractive colors too which is something that we like as we think a fleece bed jacket should be easy to accessorize with the rest of your wardrobe.

Check it out here.


Ubuy is a great source for many different products though we’d note that it’s hard to tell exactly where the products are made/sourced from.

But we tried this adaptive easy-dress bed jacket cape and while it was quite expensive, it was also super comfortable and one of the easiest women’s bed jackets to put on. This is a big deal if you’re finding it hard to wear a standard jacket due to mobility issues.

We thought it was also cozy and warm and we’d be happy to buy this product again in the future if we needed to.

Check it out here.

Final Thoughts On Bed Jackets For Women

A bed jacket is one of our favorite accessories in life and we think once you’ve tried one, you’ll agree about how comfortable they are.

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