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Life doesn’t end at retirement. In fact, for millions of American seniors these will be the best years of their lives. With huge advances in healthcare and longevity, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be the best years of your life too.


Getting Older Is The Start Of A New Journey, Not The End Of Life

When it became our time to retire, we couldn’t quite believe it. Everyone around us seemed to think our lives were coming to an end because we were looking forward to taking some time for ourselves. Stuff that, we thought and threw ourselves into the biggest adventure of our lives.

Now, we want to share with you what we’ve learned about growing old both gracefully and disgracefully. You’ll be amazed at the fun you can have and the things you can do. Things you never had time for before. 

We Offer Inspiration, Guidance And The Tools To Find Your Own Path

We recognize that every single person in their senior years is unique. We don’t expect you to think like us at every turn or choose our path through later life. What we offer at Senior Guides is a collection of inspirational ideas that you can take or leave as you choose.

We try to stay practical with ideas that you can implement easily in your life. But we want you to be inspired to see this time as one of great personal freedom.

You’ve already lived up to your responsibilities in life, now’s the time for some “me time”.

Our Experts

Our Senior Guides are written by experts on growing older and doing so with grace and joy. Each one is tailored to a specific aspect of senior living to make this change in your life so much easier. There’s no need for you to learn by trial and error, we’ve done the hard work for you.

senior suzy zhang guides
Suzy Zhang

Suzy’s our resident expert on where to retire. She’s not settled down yet. Instead, she’s spending her time traveling from place-to-place looking for that perfect place and if she doesn’t find it? That will be fine too. She says that our journey can be a literal one. From Bangor to Bangkok, from Cuenca to Colombo, there’s a place for you wherever you want there to be. 

senior guides
Patty Eastons

Patty, along with Suzy, is our co-founder and her expertise is with all things financial. She used to be a financial advisor and now she can help you make money from your hobbies, find work, or choose products wisely. She loves finding ways to make your money go farther or to sniff out a bargain.

senior guides pros
William King

William’s the final member of the permanent editorial team and he’s all about the product testing. He works with our team of dedicated product testers to ensure that the things we recommend to you really are on the cutting edge of technology. He’s also our expert on the challenges that people of color face as they grow older and how to overcome them.


We like to think that our advice is golden but don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our users think about our help and free guides.

“I met Suzy at a conference on retiring in Panama and we’ve stayed in touch. I’m so excited by the launch of Senior Guides, I know that the team has so much to share. In fact, I liked their guide to mattresses so much, I bought a Saatva mattress as soon as I finished reading it. It was a brilliant decision. Thanks Suzy!”

Ethan Lucas
Sundeep Singh

“I was part of the initial test team for Senior Guides and I am really proud of this site and the people who run it. They really do have people’s best interests at heart. I can’t get over how much testing they put things through before they’re willing to lend their name to it. And they don’t pull any punches about potential drawbacks too. That means you can use this site to make truly informed decisions.”

Sara Freeman
Gordon Greerly

“Call me crazy but when I read Senior Guides’ advice on how to retire in Thailand, I decided to do it. I haven’t finished my move to Phuket, just yet but it’s all in motion and I can’t wait. My children have left home, my husband, sadly, passed away and it’s time for me to live my best life in the sun. Thanks to the team for giving me the courage to follow my dreams!”

Kelly Carpenter
Catalina Rodriguez

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